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As an affiliate of Warranty Direct all the cars for sale on this site & any car we have inspected are eligible for warranty. If you are selling a car, a warranty is an excellent addition to attract even more buyers and the extra peace of mind you're offering will assist in an even quicker sale.

Car warranties have enjoyed a massive decrease in price due to their increase in popularity with private used car buyers and those whose car's manufacturers warranty has run out. Given the average bill for a car repair being over 300 and warranties starting at 15 per month its well worth considering especially if you enjoy owning a high performance car.

Selling a car with a warranty may seem an unnecessary expense but put yourself in the buyers shoes. It could make the difference between making a sale from the first person who views your car.

  • Warranties can be purchased to sell with a car to increase the value and desirability.
  • As a buyer you can purchase a warranty for any car you have sourced from this site
  • Inspection customers can purchase a warranty for the car we have inspected for them.

Sellers and Inspection Customers;
To purchase a warranty simply follow the link to Warranty Direct's web site to enter your details. If you are selling a car once you have purchased the warranty log into your home page and select; Display as 'Sold with Warranty' and click submit.


Simply follow the link to Warranty Direct's web site to
enter your details. If you decide to purchase your warranty by telephone tell the operator you purchased the car from this site.

Warranty Direct
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