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Our list of the top ten best cars is ordered by reliability according to car warranty claims When buying a used car reliability is of utmost importance to get the best value for money.

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Top 10 best cars according to reliability

Despite the height of precision most cars are manufactured to today, faults and reliability issues do still appear no matter how much you pay for a car or how prestigious the manufacturer may be. A reliability rating can be given from many statistics but none more accurate than warranty claims made against any particular car.

Warranty claims are for the most part for more expensive repairs so those models with the least claims against them compiled from a database of 55000 cars gives an excellent indication of reliability and figure higher up the list

1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th 7th 8th 9th 10th

1 st Place Honda Accord

top ten best cars honda accord
Price Range 17,430-27,525
Body Types Estate, Saloon
Engine Sizes 2.0/2.4 VTEC 2.2 TDi
Insurance Group 11-14
Fuel Types Unleaded-Diesel
No. of Models 15
Depreciation ? 60% over 4 years
Fuel economy 2.2 TDi Saloon 53mpg
First service ? 12000miles/140

In Brief
The new Honda Accord was launched in 2003 on the back of the well known award winning advertising campaign which displayed a number of the car's components in a 'domino toppling sequence' of events which lead the to the car rolling of a ramp to the statement 'Isn't it nice when things just work' a statement considerably apt for a car which tops a reliability index.

As well as being reliable this car has excellent economy in the diesel model, good power and handling with top quality braking performance and a high rated crash safety testing.

Used Honda Accords For Sale

Honda Accord insurance costs at a glance (priced based on 2.2TDi)

Age Gender No claims Mileage Cover Type Excess Cost Insurer
36 Female 5+ Yrs 20000 Comp 250 329.32 Sheilas' Wheels
36 Male 5+ Yrs 20000 Comp 250 450.45 Churchill
46 Male 5+ Yrs 20000 Comp 250 333.90 Churchill
46 Female 5+ Yrs 20000 Comp 250 299.75 Sheilas' Wheels
46 Female 5+ Yrs 20000 Comp 250 368.55 Churchill
56 Male 5+ Yrs 20000 Comp 250 253.05 Churchill
56 Female 5+ Yrs 20000 Comp 250 305.55 Churchill
56 Female 5+ Yrs 20000 Comp 250 274.54 Sheilas' Wheels
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