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Our list of the top ten best cars is ordered by reliability according to car warranty claims When buying a used car reliability is of utmost importance to get the best value for money.

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Top 10 best cars according to reliability

1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th 7th 8th 9th 10th

3 rd Place Mazda Mx5

top ten best cars Mazda Mx5
Price Range 15,620-18,950
Body Types Convertable
Engine Sizes 1.8 i / 2.0 i
Insurance Group 11-13
Fuel Types Unleaded
No. of Models 3
Depreciation ? 50% over 4 years
Fuel economy 1.8 i   35.3mpg
First service ? 12000miles/133.48

In Brief
This classic modern sports convertible has rewritten the history books by being the most popular and reliable convertible ever made. As well as its good looks and sharp handling the Mx5 holds its value extremely well. A three year old model will only depreciate by 17% and older models much less.
You can buy this car in great shape at ten years old and with modest use will hold its value. The Mx5 is not the most powerful soft top but the plus side is the relatively cheap insurance costs. A comfortable and well laid out interior make this two seater good for short jaunts around county roads as comfortable as a motorway hike.

Mazda have a reliability history that other non Japanese manufacturers can only dream about and whether you buy new or used you can be sure it will be money well spent.

Used Mazda Mx5s For Sale

Mazda Mx5 insurance costs at a glance (priced based on 1.8 Triology)

Age Gender No claims Mileage Cover Type Excess Cost Insurer
26 Male 5+ Yrs 20000 Comp 250 361.20 Churchill
26 Female 5+ Yrs 20000 Comp 250 327.60 Churchill
36 Female 5+ Yrs 20000 Comp 250 328.69 Sheilas' Wheels
36 Female 5+ Yrs 20000 Comp 250 299.25 Churchill
36 Male 5+ Yrs 20000 Comp 250 280.35 Churchill
46 Male 5+ Yrs 20000 Comp 250 224.70 Churchill
46 Female 5+ Yrs 20000 Comp 250 289.07 Sheilas' Wheels
46 Female 5+ Yrs 20000 Comp 250 397.55 Churchill
56 Male 5+ Yrs 20000 Comp 250 172.20 Churchill
56 Female 5+ Yrs 20000 Comp 250 207.90 Churchill
56 Female 5+ Yrs 20000 Comp 250 252.32 Sheilas' Wheels
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