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Sell used car in the uk

Sell your car with one of three car selling options. Sell your car on over 80 car sell websites for great value. All our car selling options come with a free online message box and are the cheapest price available.

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Sell your used car with our Value selling option

Sell you car Value & get exclusive car selling tools for an unbeatable price.

Our Value package is unbeatable value for selling your car. Use of all car selling tools to sell your car fast & sell your car with top security & privacy. Also entry in our text alert database could match your car with a buyer immediately.

View the list below for what's included when you sell your car with our value package.

Value Package

Advertise Your Car Until Sold
Sell your car with an unlimited term of advertising with a simple online removal through your home page once the vehicle has sold.

6 Online Photographs
Using our simple multiple photo upload software you can help show buyers when selling your car what your car looks like inside and out and display any features & selling points. Good pictures help sell a car & make the car stand apart from others. See our car photography guide for tips on taking great pictures of your car.

Post Advert Editing
Should the vehicle inspection uncover any minor faults, e.g. a leaking exhaust, you can have the exhaust repaired then edit your report online to show the repair has been made.

Simple Advert Creation
Our forms for creating your advert make selling your car easy by using dropdown boxes for your vehicle specification and details. Five minutes is all it takes to list your car ready to sell.

Easy Order Inspection
One of our exclusive selling tools is the 'Easy Order Inspection' button which optionally can be placed on your advert. This will allow any  buyer to order our 178 point inspection for your car without the need to attain your contact or car details. Our automated system acts as the middle man keeping all your details secure. If you don't want a buyer to have your car inspected simply select 'No' for the 'Easy Order Inspection' button.
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Online Message Box for added security
You can choose when ordering not to display your contact details when selling your car. In this case contact from car buyers will only be made through your online message box.

Text Alert Database Entry
When you sell your car on our site the details are placed in our Buyer Text Alert database.  Should your car details match the criteria of any alerts set by buyers looking for the car you are selling we contact the buyer by text to let them know your vehicle is listed.

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