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With some technical assistance you can save yourself a large garage bill by using our mechanical help pages. We can help you with mechanical fault diagnosis and assist you with repairing your car.

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Mechanical Help - Mitsubishi Cars

All the mechanical help and advice in this section is not limited to Mitsubishi's but involved a Mitsubishi vehicle.


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Mitsubishi Mechanical Help Page

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Windscreen Wipers Wont Switch Off
Vehicle Make Mitsubishi
Vehicle Model Space Wagon GDi
Vehicle Mileage 65000
Vehicle Age 1999
Fuel Type Petrol
When I switch my windscreen wipers on they work fine but will not switch off again. They switch off and stay off if I turn the car off and restart engine.
Mechanical Help:
This sounds like an issue with an electronic circuit Inside the motor/gear assembly that senses when the wipers are in their down position. The circuit maintains power to the wipers until they are positioned at the bottom of the windscreen, then cuts the power to the motor. This circuit also parks the wipers between wipes when they are on their intermittent setting. The circuit could be faulty and failing to cut the power to the motor. Obviously when you shut the car off the wipers will stop and the problem will only occur again once switched back on.
Pajero Wont Start - New Glow Plugs Fitted
Vehicle Make Mitsubishi
Vehicle Model Pajero Exceed 2500 TD
Vehicle Mileage 120000
Vehicle Age 1993
Fuel Type Diesel
I've just replaced the glow plugs on my Pajero Exceed and it still wont start. Also the glow plug light on the dash is not lighting up. Could this be the relay? If so where is the relay as the manual is in Japanese?
Mechanical Help:
Its likely in your case given the year and model that you will have a dual relay setup which means fitting 6.2v plugs as opposed to 11v or 12v plugs. The 6.2v are for quick starts and if you have fitted 12v the relay will cut them out before they have warmed sufficiently as they take longer. This is a common mistake made with this mode and will prevent starting particularly in cold weather.
It could be the relay/s that are faulty or the control module. If the vehicle wont start the relay that is closest to the engine should be the preheat relay, the second one comes on and off periodically until the engine is up to temperature. Both relays are located between the batteries.
If you still cant find a suitable answer try our free online mechanical help and one of our engineers will try to help you with your car problems.
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