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With some technical assistance you can save yourself a large garage bill by using our mechanical help pages. We can help you with mechanical fault diagnosis and assist you with repairing your car.

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Mechanical Help - Honda Cars

All the mechanical help and advice in this section is not limited to Honda's but involved a Honda vehicle.


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Honda Mechanical Help Page

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Bleeding Brakes - Calliper Sticking on ABS
Vehicle Make Honda
Vehicle Model 2 Door Accord Ls 2.0 injection
Vehicle Mileage U/N
Vehicle Age 1995
Fuel Type Petrol
How do you bleed brakes?
After bleeding the brakes the calliper on the front drivers side locks when the brake is applied. I have changed the calliper but the same thing happened again. The other three callipers works just fine.
Mechanical Help:
To bleed the brakes you need two people, one to press the brakes and one to do the bleeding. Make sure you have plenty of brake fluid in the master cylinder and get a helper to pump the brake pedal three or four times then keep the pressure on. Unscrew the bleed nipple on the brake (its best to attach a pipe to the bleed nipple and place the other end in a jar to avoid getting brake fluid on yourself or the car as its like paint stripper) and bleed out the fluid and air with your helper keeping the pressure on the brake pedal. Once the flow stops - with the pressure still on the pedal - tighten the bleed screw and have your helper pump the pedal again and again keeping the pressure on. Repeat the process until the bleeding brake fluid is free of air.

If you are having trouble bleeding the brakes and/or they are still sticking after the brakes have been applied you may have a fault with the speed sensor or the inline valve which is part of the ABS system. If the ABS system on the car is the Four Channel type there will be a sensor for each wheel which would explain the reason for only affecting the one brake.

The problem could also be connected to the rubber hoses that connect directly to the calliper. Given the car is 13 years old the rubber may have perished inside the hoses and collapsed causing a blockage. Because a large amount of pressure comes from the brake pedal and servo there is sufficient force for the brake fluid to pass to the brake caliper past the collapsed section but as only the pressure of the calliper on the disks forces the release of the brake it wont be sufficient to allow the return of the fluid past the blockage therefore causing the brakes to stick on.

A new pipe shouldn't be too expensive however it is a Honda so difficult to tell. Id expect around 20
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