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With some technical assistance you can save yourself a large garage bill by using our mechanical help pages. We can help you with mechanical fault diagnosis and assist you with repairing your car.

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Mechanical Help - Ford Cars

All the mechanical help and advice in this section is not limited to Ford's but involved a Ford vehicle.


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Ford Mechanical Help Page

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Changing an Alternator
Vehicle Make Ford
Vehicle Model F450
Vehicle Mileage U/N
Vehicle Age U/N
Fuel Type Diesel
How does one get the tensioner pulley to slacken off the belt for installing my new alternator? I'm Replacing the alternator on my ford pick up and I'm trying to follow the diagram under hood about rotating the tensioner pulley counter clockwise to loosen the belt enough to fit over the new alternators pulley and im having difficulties rotating the tensioner. Any advice would be appreciated
Mechanical Help:
Being English mechanical engineers we have little experience with the Ford Pickup however we have done a little research on your behalf.
If the tensioner is the spring loaded type there should be a slot in the tensioner which you can place a wrench or bar through to lever the tensioner to remove the load off the belt. You should then be able remove the belt and in turn be able to replace your alternator.
Car Wobbles Under Braking
Vehicle Make Ford
Vehicle Model Mondeo 1.8 TD Ghia
Vehicle Mileage 140000
Vehicle Age 1997
Fuel Type Diesel
When braking my Ford Modeo suddenly veers to the left and then returns to centre and brakes in a straight line, then when the brakes are released the car veers back to the right, The steering wheel moves with the wheels. Also the effect is magnified if the vehicle is not in gear or if cornering. Please Help.
Mechanical Help:
From the description you have given there could be a number of causes such as your brake pads could be dirty, wet or even have grease on them and if this is the case they need to be replaced.
The brake pads could have become loose in their mountings causing uncontrolled and uneven application on the disks and again will need to be replaced.
The front wheel bearings could be dangerously out of adjustment or badly worn.

If the problem is a failing brake calliper on one side then in this case the opposite (working) side could be applying more pressure to the disk which will be taking the energy out of the car from an off central point which in turn will cause the car to try and pivot around the wheel that is applying the greater pressure i.e. causing the veer.
As the car decreases in speed we have a tendency to reduce the pressure on the brake pedal and the difference in effect of the working and failing calliper will reduce as less friction is needed/applied to slow the car down which could be the reason the car begins to straighten up.
Then when the brakes are released the faulty calliper may not release correctly and maintain an amount of pressure on the opposite disk causing the pulling effect in the opposite direction.

It is difficult as im sure you can appreciate, to determine exactly the cause of this problem from a written description of the issue. The vehicle would need a physical examination to give an accurate diagnosis and solution.
If you still cant find a suitable answer try our free online mechanical help and one of our engineers will try to help you with your car problems.
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