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With some technical assistance you can save yourself a large garage bill by using our mechanical help pages. We can help you with mechanical fault diagnosis and assist you with repairing your car.

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Mechanical Help - Audi Cars

All the mechanical help and advice in this section is not limited to Audi's but involved an Audi vehicle.


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Remote Key Immobiliser Not Working
Vehicle Make Audi
Vehicle Model A4
Vehicle Mileage U/N
Vehicle Age U/N
Fuel Type U/N
My immobiliser doesn't respond and so my car wont start! The battery is new as I changed it thinking that would solve the problem however it didn't. Ant ideas?
Mechanical Help:
Over the resent years there has been extensive media coverage about random radio waves interfering with signals from remote car key fobs resulting in drivers being locking out of their cars or failing to deactivate the immobiliser. This is a real problem and can be extremely frustrating and inconvenient. To get around this, open the car manually with the key, get in and close the door behind you and then retry the remote key fob whilst sitting in the car. This should would as the closed doors will substantially block interfering radio waves.
If you still cant find a suitable answer try our free online mechanical help and one of our engineers will try to help you with your car problems.
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