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Exchange a link with us from any motoring related website. We exchange links with all types of car websites especially those websites with information rich content.

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Car & Motoring Website Link Exchange

Get your link back on the Online Motoring Directory
Three way linking provides sites with a one way link which has a much greater value helping achieve higher listings in the Search Engine Results Pages. Now you can choose when you submit your link below to have your link placed in the appropriate category on the Online Motoring Directory Currently there are 104 pages of the OMD indexed in Google

Submit Your Website With Our Link Exchange Program
Placing useful good quality motoring related links for our customers is vital to providing a comprehensive service and resource.

If you have a motoring related website, used car classified, auto website or an area on your site that has relevant motoring content, we will be happy to exchange links with you.

All we ask for is a link back to our site from;

1) A webpage with a page rank of 1 or higher
2) A webpage that does not have 100's of outbound links
3) A webpage that is not dynamically generated i.e.

If our link does not fit within these parameters we will not reciprocate the link nor will we respond to the request.

A note on Page Rank
The Page Rank received to a webpage from a webpage is divided up equally by the number outbound links from the linking webpage. As a ball park figure a page with more than 30 outbound links can be viewed by search engines (namely Google) as a link farm. Our Motoring links pages will never more than 30 outbound links and at the time of writing has a Page Rank of 3.

Submit Your Link
All websites submitted are reviewed manually before accepting the link and in all cases acceptance will be notified by email to the address provided below.

Before submitting this form please place the following link back to our site on your links page or preferably on a content page that is motoring related. If you use this link back alternative please don't alter the wordage.

We also have a 468x60 flash banner you can use as an alternative to a text link. Copy and paste the code below into the area you wish to place the movie. To view a preview click here.

Please fill out your website details below.

Select web site for your link
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Please enter your site description. This will be placed beneath the link text. No over repeated words, no search engine garble and no HTML plain English please. Web URLS are not permitted in the description if web URLS are entered you will be redirected to an error page.
Characters Remaining
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Re-type the verification code

You can also add our used car search engine to you site.
Copy the two sets of code below into your webpage. The first into the head and the second & third to the body. The form is W3C compliant and is very simple to install. The styles and scripts are hosted on our server so the form size is only 9kb. Preview the car search form.

Place the code below between the <head></head> tags of your page.

Replace the opening <body> tag with the code below

Place the following where you would like the form to be on your page.

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