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Free hpi checks... well £4.95 for a† †MyCar Check HPI equivalent check is not a free hpi check but its as cheap as chips. Read below how to get a hpi type check for £4.95 and free yourself of any doubts.

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Free Hpi checks don't exist free ID checks do

Free HPI checks would be great but don't be fooled,† HPI checks are not free... but the below car ID check IS FREE and then only if you want to check more its £4.95 for a comprehensive My car check HPI equivalent check to free yourself of any doubt.

Enter your registration below to instantly perform a FREE CAR IDENTITY CHECK. The ID check will tell you if the registration number matches the make and model of the car. If you choose a further comprehensive check will cost the £4.95

Why is this check so cheap?
The data you receive from MyCar check is the same reliable accurate data you receive from any other more expensive checks, HPI being one of the most expensive. It all comes from the same source. However MyCar check charge the bare minimum (probably the cheapest HPI check) for providing you with the data when other companies charge up to an astonishing ten times more. Its just like buying a car one dealer will charge less than another for exactly the same car.

What is a HPI check?
Many people get confused and think that HPI actually is the term used for a car data check when actually HPI is a company name which because it is a well known brand charges a lot more for the same kind of information.

Mycar check offer the best deal for hpi equivalent car checks online. It must be noted that this HPI equivalent check is not like other cheap checks offered which wont protect you if the car has outstanding finance. This is a comprehensive hpi type check which includes the following;

Finance checks
100 cars that are checked for outstanding finance still remain unpaid. Find out if your next purchase is free of outstanding finance.

Insurance Checks
4 out of 100 checks show that a vehicle at some point has been written off.† Find out if your next purchase is repair free.

Stolen Checks
More than 30 vehicles per day are revealed to be stolen by hpi type data checks... vehicles which are being sold as genuine!

Previous number plate Checks
Often cars are re-plated to try and hide history this check weeds them out.

Colour change check
Sometimes a change of colour can be suspicious so its always good to know

Or feel free to enter your registration below to instantly check for free if the registration matches the vehicle

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