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25% of used cars found to be 'Dangerous'
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25% of used cars found to be 'Dangerous'

A major UK motoring organisation conducted a survey in November 2005 by analysing 500 of its vehicle inspection reports and found 18% of the cars had at least one dangerous fault, with a further 4% classed as illegal. This would amount to more than 40% of cars up for sale failing an MoT test.
Among the faults found - described as "very worrying" - were badly or unevenly worn tyres, fuel leaks, damaged brakes and uneven steering

In the wake of these Surveys '' has launched a exclusive new service for buying privately owned vehicles which will dramatically reduce the costs that can occur when choosing to buy this way, enabling buyers to take full advantage of private sellers prices.

Colin Robinson, head of marketing said "Vehicle inspections are essential for peace of mind when spending more than 3000 on a used car but can be expensive if the vehicle turns out to have excessive faults which are impractical to have repaired.

"'s Premium service has eliminated this risk by passing over the cost of the inspection to the seller and providing a searchable database of cars for sale which have been inspected."

Reducing the costs of inspections

As well as offering standard and basic advertising also offer an competitively priced inspection service which like their Premium selling service, provides the inspection report online.
Mr Robinson also said " Our inspections are carried out by highly experienced mechanics who are contracted by us as they are with other major inspection service providers. We reduce the cost of our services to the customer by solely providing inspection services and online advertising which minimises our outlay on staff , premises and equipment."

As sales of new cars fell by 5% in December last year due to interest rates and uncertainty in the wider economy this new concept for advertising privately owned used cars and providing excellent value vehicle inspections is a much needed service for buyers to take advantage of the reduced prices offered by private sellers.
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