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Dealer Additis a software solution for car dealers allowing simple listing of all stock on
The software is a download so your entire stock could be listed in 10 minutes and is entirely free for two weeks.

NODescriptions to write

NOPhotos to take or add

NOTedious data input or uploads


Dealer Additis a stand alone application installed on your pc which simply imports in seconds, with a few clicks, all the data you currently have stored in other popular stock management applications and then with one click will upload your entire stock to and all 230+ partner sites. Its simple to add and remove any stock with our software and it also highlights any car data you have stored which does not yet have any images assigned.

Free Car Dealer AdvertisingDownloading our software will give you a free, no obligation 2 week period of advertising of your entire stock of cars on which is a rapidly growing UK car classified.

Low Cost Car Dealer AdvertisingAfter the free period has expired you will be able to advertise your entire stock on another 230+ classifieds using our Dealer Addit software for only 200 per year which is the best value for money car dealer advertising package available. Effortless uploads of your entire stock of cars targeted at local car buyers as well nationally.

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