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Buying & selling a used car can be quite a daunting task. Our Platinum selling package makes private selling easy.

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Sell your car with one of three car selling options. Sell your car on over 80 car sell websites  for great value. All our car selling options come with a free online message box and are the cheapest price available.
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Platinum Car Selling Package Further Information

If you are like most you will have to sell your old car before you buy a new one. So what path do you take? One option is to trade in your car for one off the forecourt, its quick & its easy. But that convenience is not without its price!

If you want to find out how to achieve the best price for your used car then read on.

Platinum Package

One Car Three Values.
Used cars are given three values. Part Exchange, Private sale and Dealer Sale, the part exchange being the lowest and the dealer sale the highest. So what happens when you part exchange is you get the lowest of the three prices for your old car and pay the highest for your new car.
Selling your car using our Platinum Package will get the best achievable price for two reasons. A private sale is the highest value for you to sell at and allowing your vehicle to be inspected before hand gives buyers the peace of mind they pay for when they buy from a dealer.

How an inspection helps.
The sole purpose of our 178 point check, although comprehensive, is to show buyers your car is genuine, runs well, handles correctly, is safe, reliable and most importantly, they will have plenty of miles motoring without any unexpected costs. These aspects of any vehicle for the most part depict the vehicles value. Cosmetics on the vehicle will be reported on however it is to be excepted that general use will show on any vehicle and providing the ware is in keeping with the vehicles mileage, will not detract from the value.

No other classified offers their buyers the confidence you will offer by selling using our Platinum Package, peace of mind at a price which suits everyone's pocket.

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