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Mechanical help online to help solve your car faults & problems is a free service we provide. Get advice on your mechanical car faults from simple interior problems to more serious engine faults.

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Mechanical Assistance: Interior Problems

Mechanics use a process of elimination to find faults which is how you should use the following information.  Carry out any of the checks you feel comfortable with, if you can't fix the fault you will  be able tell a mechanic what you have checked to help their diagnosis which could save you money.

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If you cant find the answers you are looking for on this page have a look through our past mechanical Questions & Answer pages

We also have mechanics available to help with any mechanical problem.

If you cant find a solution try our free online mechanical help and one of our engineers will help you with your car problems.

Free Mechanical Help
All the problems and possible solutions detailed below are provided by the experienced automotive mechanical engineers who carry out our vehicle inspections. The problems covered can be common to most vehicles but the list is by no means exhaustive. If your particular mechanical problem is not answered below ask our engineers for mechanical assistance here.

Heating system constantly blows cold air

Low coolant level
The most likely cause for this is a low coolant level in your radiator or an air lock in the cooling system if your radiator has just been topped up from a low level. If you have an air lock you will need to bleed the cooling system.

Bleeding the cooling system
Check the hoses from or to the radiator and look for a screw cap of some sort fitted to a hose. It will probably be quite small (the size of a tyre valve cap) There should also be another 'bleeder' on the heating matrix towards the back of the engine under the bulk head attached to a small pipe, this will also need removing. (a Haynes manual for your particular model will help you find the bleeders)
Take off the radiator cap and insert a hose pipe. Hold your hand around the hose pipe covering the inlet on the radiator to create a seal and turn on the hose pipe. Water should start to come out of the bleeders which were covered by the cap (caps) you have removed and air will bubble. Keep going until all the air is out and the water is running air free. With the hose still switched on and air free water coming from the bleeders refit the cap (caps) warm the engine and retry your heater.
If your car is using water excessively this could be a sign of head gasket failure. Click the link here for more information on head gasket failure.

Blocked up cooling system
Another possibility for heater failure is a dirty or blocked heater matrix. The heater is usually supplied with heat from a fan blowing over a separate small radiator behind the dash in the bulk head and this can become blocked up depending on the age of the car or from dirty rusty coolant in the system. You can buy a product which you add to your coolant which will flush the cooling system. Simply add the the solution and follow the instructions. supply the Slick 50 flushing fluid which you can buy online. Click here to go to the appropriate page.

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