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Mechanical help online to help solve your car faults & problems is a free service we provide. Get advice on your mechanical car faults from simple interior problems to more serious engine faults.

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Mechanical Assistance: Engine Problems

Mechanics use a process of elimination to find faults which is how you should use the following information.  Carry out any of the checks you feel comfortable with, if you can't fix the fault you will  be able tell a mechanic what you have checked to help their diagnosis which could save you money.

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If you cant find the answers you are looking for on this page have a look through our past mechanical Questions & Answer pages

We also have mechanics available to help with any mechanical problem.

If you cant find a solution try our free online mechanical help and one of our engineers will help you with your car problems.
More mechanical engine problems & faults on page one

Free Mechanical Help
All the problems and possible solutions detailed below are provided by the experienced automotive mechanical engineers who carry out our vehicle inspections. The problems covered can be common to most vehicles but the list is by no means exhaustive. If your particular mechanical problem is not answered below ask our engineers for mechanical assistance here.

Petrol car wont start on wet or damp mornings

Ignition Problem
If a vehicle has a distributor or points that are worn any moisture which finds its way into these areas will cause problems with starting. Remove the distributor cap and use kitchen roll to dry out any moisture which may have found its way in from driving through a puddle.
Also worn plug leads are more likely to fail in damp conditions causing a poor or no spark at all.
One way to temporarily resolve a starting problem under damp conditions is to spray the distributor cap, plug leads and plug connections with WD40 which will disperse any moisture.

For information on how to check for faulty plugs/plug leads and eliminate possible causes click here.

Poor Compression
Any engine which is worn will be more reluctant to start under wet and cold conditions. Have the vehicle compression tested.

Engine runs fine but car struggles to accelerate with engine revving

Worn Clutch
Providing your engine is running well and picking up as normal when revved a worn or failed clutch is the likely culprit here. Usually you would smell a clutch in this condition as it will be over heating similar to the smell from hot brakes. Another symptom of a worn clutch would be juddering when setting of from a stand still as the clutch struggles to bite.

Checking the clutch
A simple check for the clutch is whilst driving find a hill, once on the incline floor the accelerator pedal and check to see if both the speed and revs are increasing slowly together. If the revs increase and the speed does not your clutch is failing to transfer the power from the engine to the gearbox therefore failing.

Diesel car wont or struggles to start on cold mornings

Worn Heater plugs
This is likely to be from one or more heater or glow plugs as they are sometimes called failing. Click for more information on heater plugs.

More mechanical engine problems & faults on page one
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