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Car data check and hpi checks offer peace of mind at such a low cost it simply is a necessity. Any vehicle can have an undisclosed past history and buying a used car privately can expose you to this risk. 

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Car Data & Vehicle History Checks

Car data checks are an essential part of the car buying process. If you consider the amount of money you're spending on the car & checks cost between 5 - 40 depending on the type of check... its a no brainer. The last thing you need having got a great deal on the car you have always wanted is to find out its stolen or been a write off.

Have a look at these facts and figures if you're not convinced!

Finance checks
The last thing you need is to find out your new car belongs to a finance company. 24 out of every 100 cars that are checked for outstanding finance still remain unpaid.

Write Off Checks
Annually 500000 cars are declared too badly damaged to repaired for safe use by insurance companies. Even so some are still repaired and put back on the road by unscrupulous sellers trying to hide the history. 4 out of 100 checks show that a vehicle at some point has been written off.

Stolen Checks
More than 30 vehicles per day are revealed to be stolen by data checks... vehicles which are being sold as genuine! Its a simple but cruel fact that any car purchased that is stolen - even when the buyer had no knowledge of the crime - will be seized by the authorities and unless the theft can be traced and  the criminal caught you will loose every penny you have spent. Even if the thief is found its highly unlikely they'll have the money which leaves you with no car and no car fund.

Clocked Checks
Around 5 out of every 100 data checks reveal discrepancies in the vehicle's milage. When a vehicle has its annual MOT the mileage is recorded on the National Mileage Register. Car Data Check companies can access over 85 million of these recordings and cross reference the indicated mileage shown on the vehicle odometer with their data to stop buyers from paying more than a vehicle is worth.

With all this in mind its worth the peace of mind for less than the price of a night out or a tank of fuel.

Below are two of the most popular checks depending on your budget and preferences. There is no such thing as Free hpi checks but the RAC currently offer one for 5

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